Cabela’s stores get the new FLE FLY Smooth Opertator Snagless Sinker Packages!

Cabela’s Stores are starting to distribute the awesome new FLE FLY Smooth Operator Snagless Sinkers that I developed out of necessity many years ago! I built thee snagless sinkers because I needed a better option in drift fishing sinkers.

I came up with the simple design when I was guiding for catfish on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma in the early 1990’s. Many years later as the TEAM CATFISH brand was launched we started offering them in 2 packs in 1, 1.5 and 2 oz sizes. Fortunately, other catfish anglers needed them and they have became a very popular item in the TEAM CATFISH Brand. Over the last few years we have sold 1000’s of packs and continue to do very well with them as the demand grows.

During a recent business meeting to Cabela’s June 2011 the buyer showed interest in a more “universal brand” that was not catfish specific. I asked him if we could build them for Cabela’s in the FLE FLY brand and they agreed to look at our samples. After a few weeks time, I sent Cabela’s the samples of the new FLE FLY version of the Smooth Operator Snagless Sinker and they agreed to give them a try in some of their stores.

As the demand for these sinkers has grown, we have happily expanded the sinkers size range in 2013. Now the FLE FLY and TEAM CATFISH Brands offer a 3 pack of Smooth Operator Snagless Sinkers in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 oz. models and still offer a 2 pack in 1.5 and 2 oz. models. I am anticipating great things in 2013 as my simple sinker design hits theĀ shelves Cabela’s Stores nationwide. Best thing is…..the FLE FLY Smooth Operator sinkers will really help anglers catch more fish….

FF SS All Sizes